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​Do you know about stitching heads

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Now that the level of mechanization continues to improve, the printing industry is also constantly improving its technology. The binding machine can greatly improve efficiency, so it has become a necessary choice for many print shops. Among the components of the binding machine, the stitching head is the most important thing. Do you know the stitching head? Let us find out.


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What is the stitching head?

Features of binding head

What is the need to pay attention to the binding head?


What is the stitching head?

The binding machine is binding equipment that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. with staples, hot melt glue, nylon tube, and other materials by mechanical means (manual or automatic, fully automatic). It is widely used in the binding work of financial vouchers, bills, account pages, reports, archives, periodicals, documents, drawings, test papers, books, and papers in banks, securities, insurance, telecommunications, and schools, institutions, enterprises, and institutions. The binding head is used on the binding machine. Books can be bound with their help. It has a wide range of applications. Books, picture albums, publicity albums, bills, documents, etc. can all be bound with it.


stitching head

Features of binding head

1. The failure rate is low, the iron wire can be automatically cut off, and the iron wire can be pressed into the shape of a staple to make the shape beautiful.

2. With a double guide column structure, it means that the double guide rails can run vertically up and down, and run smoothly, achieving the goal of more precise binding.

3. Has an adjustable bookshelf.

4. The nail length can be adjusted, which is convenient and practical. According to different binding thicknesses, the nail length can be adjusted freely to meet more materials with different thicknesses.


What is the need to pay attention to the binding head?

The stitching head is one especially critical area for the proper operation of your saddle stitcher at any speed. Even the simplest of newer stitching heads is a complex piece of equipment which if not properly handled, will cause slowdowns, poor quality stitched books and machine downtime.

One of the biggest performance letdowns on a modern high-speed saddle stitcher is the actual stitching head maintenance.

Poor maintenance will result in failure of the head’s ability to feed the wire and resulting not only downtime from a damaged stitcher head but in the decollating and production repairs to the rejected work where the work can be rejected, or more time-consuming repairs to already trimmed products that have been through the trimming process.

Stitching heads have some critical areas that need to be maintained weekly and check to be carried out daily to ensure heads have a trouble-free operation and a long producing life span.

Simple mechanical knowledge will be required to strip and clean service repair and lubricate the stitcher’s head. There are different models of heads from different manufactures available and so please consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct method for the specific head being serviced.


The above is some introduction about the binding head. Now you should have a certain understanding of it. Hope these can help you when choosing a binding machine.

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