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  • Happy New Year 2022

    In this year, our roll to sheet paper sheeting machine production workshop has also expanded from the original 2,000 square meters to 8,800 square meters, and the output has increased from 20 units a year to 120 units. The workshop management is more tidy and orderly, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

  • Hard cover case maker Review

    Hard cover case maker ReviewMechanization has become a major trend in the world. In many industries, mechanization is being used to improve their efficiency, and the book industry is no exception. Now the requirements for books are getting higher and higher, and hardcover books are very popular. Har

  • Hard cover case maker design

    Hard cover case maker designTo meet the increasing demands of the people for books and periodicals, in mass production, it is also required to make the bookcase and fit it with the book block, making it easier to realize mechanized and automated production. The hard cover case maker came into being.

  • Do you know the capacity of the paper machine

    Do you know the capacity of the paper machineA folding machine is a machine that can replace manual work and assist in document binding. It has been widely used in the current market. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the printing industry also emerged. At this time, much pr

  • ​Do you know about stitching heads

    Do you know about stitching headsNow that the level of mechanization continues to improve, the printing industry is also constantly improving its technology. The binding machine can greatly improve efficiency, so it has become a necessary choice for many print shops. Among the components o

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