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Do you know the capacity of the paper machine

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A folding machine is a machine that can replace manual work and assist in document binding. It has been widely used in the current market. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the printing industry also emerged. At this time, much printing-related equipment was born. The folding machine is indispensable among them because it is mainly used to fold paper of various sizes and thicknesses. Therefore, many printing centers, production companies, etc. will use folding machines. Do you know the capacity of the paper folding machines?


Here is the content list:

Classification of paper folding machines

The structure of the paper folding machine

The capacity of the paper folding machines


Classification of paper folding machines

The folding machine itself is divided into office folding machines, professional folding machines, and business folding machines. It can also be called a paper folding machine. It is widely used in banks, petition offices, survey companies, and the delivery of letters. The professional and commercial high-speed automatic folding machines mainly refer to the latter two, which are installed in modern printing factories as the main components of the post-press workshop.


folding machine

The structure of the paper folding machine

The composition of the folding machine is similar, mainly composed of three parts: paper feeding, folding, and paper delivery.

Paper feeding part

It is divided into two types: sheet paper feeding device and continuous paper feeding device. The paper feeding device is mainly responsible for the task of separating and conveying paper, and can accurately convey the printed pages to the folding part.

Folding mechanism

The fence folding mechanism is a mechanism that uses the fence to cooperate with the relatively rotating folding roller and the turning baffle to complete the folding. It is mainly composed of a folding roller and a folding fence.

Receiving part

The delivery part can be in the form of a movable delivery trolley. The height and angle of the delivery cart can be adjusted according to the origami style. And has an independent step-less speed regulation function, which can be adjusted according to the folding speed.


The capacity of the paper folding machines

It can be said that details determine success or failure, and the folding machine is more detailed in structure. The new type of folding machine strives to do better in detail. It utilizes an electric platen with vacuum paper guiding and alignment functions and can store the working parameters that need to be produced. The folding roller driven by the motor can be accurately adjusted and automatically preset, which significantly shortens the boot preparation time.

The preparation time of the folding machine is greatly shortened. The stability of the paper folding machine mainly examines its adaptability to various paper operations. Because customer demand for paper used in printed matter is becoming more and more diversified. Also becoming more and more demanding. Often several different types and rations of paper are used in a batch of jobs, and even customers will bring their own paper. This requires the folding machine equipment to have great strain and adaptability.

As an indispensable part of the post-press processing process, the folding machine is also developing in the direction of integration. The current automation trend of folding machines is mainly focused on improving the degree of automation of the control system, while the digital development trend is more integrated with the entire printing digital workflow. Focus on the application of technologies such as JDF and CIP4. In recent years, printing professional exhibitions have emerged many networked post-press processing solutions. Some new paper folding machines have the ability to exchange information.


After the above analysis, you should have a certain understanding of each type of paper folding machine, I believe you will be more clear about your choice when choosing.

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