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Happy New Year 2022

Views: 0     Author: RUIAN KOTEN MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-12-31      Origin: RUIAN KOTEN MACHINERY CO.,LTD

Time flies by, unknowingly, 2021 is coming to an end. This year is destined to be another extraordinary year. The COVID-19 is still raging in many countries. The types of viruses are also constantly mutating, spreading more widely, and giving people's production and life a great impact. as a supplier with a full set of packaging and printing equipment solutions for nearly 20 years in China, based on the business philosophy that quality is life and service makes the future, we have sold to nearly 100 packaging and printing machines for global users in 2021, making more and more customers like our machines. At the same time, we also helped nearly 20 customers to train nearly 20 high-end production equipment online, including rotary roll to sheet paper cutting machine, automatic exercise book making machine, paper hole punching machine, end papering machine, paper counting machine, book sewing machine, automatic hardcover case maker, three knife trimmer, etc. Customers greatly appreciated the timely, accurate and complete after-sales service system of our team, and they all expressed that they would continue to purchase Koten brand machines in the future.

In this year, we upgraded the mechanical performance of the paper sheeter, increased the thickness of the castings of the whole machine to 40mm, widened the passage for the operators, and also added a lot of safety devices, and the configuration has also been greatly improved. Upgrading, more and more customers choose Koten brand new design paper sheeter machine.

paper sheeting machine

In this year, our roll to sheet paper sheeting machine production workshop has also expanded from the original 2,000 square meters to 8,800 square meters, and the output has increased from 20 units a year to 120 units. The workshop management is more tidy and orderly, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

paper sheeter factory

In this year, due to the expansion of production, the domestic and foreign demand for our paper sheeting machine has increased, forcing us to improve our processing capacity. Therefore, we have introduced more than 10 Japanese MAZAK CNC, which are fully automatic. With precision processing of every spare part of the paper sheeter, customer satisfaction is getting higher and higher. Pursue excellence and quality innovation is always the mission and goal of our Koten staff.

paper sheeter machine

Welcome to cooperate with more and more customers overseas in this coming new year and hope our machines will create more and more profits for you. Welcome to choose Koten brand machines.

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