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Hard cover case maker design

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To meet the increasing demands of the people for books and periodicals, in mass production, it is also required to make the bookcase and fit it with the book block, making it easier to realize mechanized and automated production. The hard cover case maker came into being. Let us understand the design of the hard cover case maker.

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Cover of hardcover book case maker

The principle of hardcover book case machine

Work process of hardcover book case machine

Cover of hardcover book case maker

The commonly used materials for the hardcover book cover machine are silk, artificial leather, varnished cloth, plastic paper, various fabrics, and paper. The inner material, that is, the material that composes the front and back seals, is mostly cardboard. Use thick paper or cardboard for medium diameter paper. When the bookcase is unfolded and laid flat, the distance between the front and back covers is called the pitch diameter. The distance between the cardboard of the front and rear seats and the middle diameter cardboard is called the center seam, also called the compartment or book slot.

The title of the book, author, publisher, and other decorative patterns are usually stamped on the front cover and the front of the middle waist by hot stamping or printing. The middle-diameter paper can make the middle waist of the book case strong and flexible, which is convenient for hot stamping; when reading the whole book, the middle-diameter paper is the elastic pillar supporting the book block.

hard cover case maker

The principle of hardcover book case machine

Hard cover case maker machine was used the principle of light refraction and reflection, and adopting the center positioning method, it is convenient to see the position of the book clearly, meet the user's operation needs for book positioning, and greatly improve the speed and accuracy of the cardboard positioning. Equipped with auxiliary equipment with negative pressure adsorption function and double rubber roller edging, so that the cover is flatter, does not move, and avoids the generation of air bubbles. The cover, cardboard, middle diameter board, etc. can be accurately adjusted and positioned to adapt to the thickness of the cardboard from 0.5-6 mm.

Work process of hardcover book case machine

The binding work of hard cover case maker is divided into three main stages: book block processing, bookcase production, and bookcase cover. The cutting, folding, attaching, threading and book cutting processes in the production of hardcover books and periodicals printing book blocks are basically the same as the binding process of paperback books. After completing these procedures, the unique processing process of the hardcover book block should be carried out. The process requirements are related to the binding form and structure of the hardcover book. The binding form and structure of hardcover books mainly include round back with ridge, round back without ridge, square back without ridge, square back with ridge and hardback, soft back, cavity, and so on. The processing process of the hardcover book block is mainly flattening, brushing, drying, cutting, rounding, spine lifting, backing, etc.

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