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Automatic Packing Machine Card Packaging Machine

Automatic Packing Machine Card Packaging Machine offered by China manufacturer Koten Machinery
  • FZ-240


  • FZ-240

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Products Description

Automatic Packing Machine Card Packaging Machine

The machine is a dedicated device for fully automatic bag packing for product card, postcard, red packet, manual, honor certificate, comic book, document bag, warranty card, envelope, notebook, hangtag, insole and heterogenic product. It has functions of folding, bag making, counting, trimming, gilding, labeling, sticking adhensive label, bagging and hot sealing and cutting.

The whole action is of modern movement module control with PLC multiaxial servo execution to realize memory function of PLC specification and dimension data. Convenient data commissioning, simple and reasonable structure, accurate and fast positioning as well as automatic transport and counting of finished products exist.

1. Quantity fixing: With quantity counting function, according to the customer requirement, filling the fixed quantity inside the bag.

2. Bag making: With bag making machine, only feeding the plastic film, it can produce the bag directly according to the request, save the time and labor, and reduce the cost, increase the production’s efficiency, and create the benefit.

3. Bag filling: The machine is controlled by PLC and servo motor, all actions are pneumatic, the structure is simple, and locating is fast. And it also can add the function of gluing, punching, ultrasonic, etc. , replacing the manual operation absolutely.

Automatic Packing Machine Card Packaging Machine套袋机细节图Automatic Packing Machine Card Packaging Machine

Details ImagesAutomatic Packing Machine Card Packaging MachineParameters

Model FZ-240 FZ-310 FZ-520
Max. Working Speed 25-50bags/min 20-40bags/min 20-30bags/min
Max. Size of Packing 210×320mm 300×420mm 580×380mm
Min. Size of Packing 80×80mm 160×160mm 210×320mm
Thickness of Packing


2-30mm 20mm
Film Thickness 0.03-0.06mm 0.03-0.06mm 0.03-0.06mm
Max. Diameter of Film 420mm 420mm 420mm
OPP Film Specification Max.: 250×320mm Max.: 320×420mm Max.: 600×385mm
Min.:100×100mm Min.: 150×150mm Min.: 230×350mm
Motor Power 10kw 10kw 10kw
Machine Weight 2200kg 2200kg 2200kg
Dimension of Machine 4500×3300×1650mm 4500×3300×1650mm 5800×3500×1600mm
Total Pocket width of Both Sides ±7-8mm ±7-8mm ±7-8mm


Configuration Origin Brand Model
PLC programmable controller Japan Panasonic
Touch screen Taiwan WEINVIEW
Frequency inverter China BEST
Servo motor France Schneider
Solenoid valve Japan SMC
Pneumatic cylinder Taiwan AirTAC
Color code Japan Panasonic
Switch Taiwan MEAN WELL


Automatic Packing Machine Card Packaging MachineAutomatic Packing Machine Card Packaging Machine

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